photo of guide Brisbane White

Brisman White


Brisman looks like one of those guys at the circus that rips phone books in half. If he didn’t guide fly fishermen and elk hunters he would likely be the waterboy for a foreign rugby team. I found him on the banks of the South Fork of the Flathead a few years ago chasing bears out of campsites and teaching teenagers how to cliff jump without doing a belly flop.

He works like a mom on her second shift at Waffle House in order to buy you some Chuck Taylor high tops so you don’t get made fun of at school because you are shorter than all the other kids.

Most of his life is packed in rubbermaid totes as there’s really no telling where he will be off to next. According to him it saves on storage unit fees. Summers, however, put him on the rivers of Southwest Montana working for us – and we are thankful for that.

  • Nickname:  Brisket
  • Favorite Fish: Whitefish
  • Favorite River: The Big Hole
  • Special Skill: Can eat a large pizza alone