David Blanton


Every guide staff needs to have a David. You know, the kind of guy that makes an event out of everything, including mowing the lawn – complete with cold beers and elk sausages on the grill.  He’d rather be early than late and doesn’t mind cheap beer as long as it’s been rolling around in the bottom of a guide’s cooler for about a week. He’s a “Nose to the grindstone” type and as humble as the day is long. David has spent the last eleven years on our waters and is very rarely wondering what they are biting on. He is as confident and qualified as you make them on the oars and has a real knack for making his own reports instead of following them. Like I said – everyone needs a David.


  • Nickname:  Ronald
  • Favorite Fish: All of them
  • Favorite River: Big Hole
  • Special Skill: Life Coaching