photo of guide Eric Shores

Eric Shores


Eric’s guide number is 326. There’s just not a lot of Montana Fishing Guides that can say they have been guiding the Madison River since before most fly fishermen were shitting green.

He started his guide career in the Madison Valley illegally guiding when he was 14 years old, having his customers drive him and his boat to the river. No doubt lunch was elk jerky and coke with four or five twinkies for dessert. The fish ate dries, and ate them all day long. He spent most of his tip money on 30-06 rounds for elk season – you know, to replenish the jerky supply for next summer. Some things never change, and we like them that way.

These days, his farmers tan is perpetual and his yard has more watercraft in it than Townsend Marine. When he pulls into the boat ramp you’ll know it’s him when you hear the Credence Clearwater Revival and the beer cans clinking on the gravel when he opens his door. If you find yourself in that situation, take a moment, give him some space and watch a wild animal in his natural environment.

  • Nickname:  Old Man River
  • Favorite Fish: Trout!
  • Favorite River: The Madison
  • Special Skill: Plays well with others