photo of guide John Hudgens

John Hudgens


Huge personifies the outdoorsman that has been there and done that. You’ll never know much about John unless you ask him directly – as he would rather see you improve or experience something than tell you about how many times he has done it himself. Growing up in South Texas he was raised to appreciate gas station coffee, a good breakfast burrito and Old Crow Whiskey. His first pickup truck had only a cassette player with a Merle Haggard tape stuck in it, but that was considered a blessing.

He moved north to Montana for college and found himself cutting his flyfishing teeth under the tutelage of Bob Jacklin and Mike Lawson. You’ll have to ask him about his time in Chile and South America to get any stories out of him – but once the Old Crow hit’s he’ll have you booking your own trip to the Southern Latitudes.

Recently, Hudge has started the Angling Academy and named his first son Hank – after the Henry’s Fork river.

  • Nickname:  Hudge
  • Favorite Fish: The one that is rising
  • Favorite River: The Henry’s Ford
  • Special Skill: Cleaning things that are already clean